🇬🇧 Nature Printing WORKSHOP "Make the memories last..."



Nature Printing WORKSHOP

“Make the memories last...”


In this workshop the Faroese artist Edith Mørkøre welcomes you into her atelier where you will be given the opportunity to make your very own nature prints of any flowers, leaves or plant life you may have found while walking or hiking in these remarkable islands. Nature printing is a beautiful and original way of taking a token of your travels home with you.


Everything you need will be ready for you when you arrive at the studio – such as tools, printing plates, inks, an unlimited amount of paper for trial prints and 6 sheets of high-quality printmaking paper.


The workshops take place weekdays and last for 2 hours each. Edith Mørkøre will also make sure that you are met at the level you are at, whether you are a total beginner or a professional printmaker.


All the materials used are environmentally friendly and non-toxic.


Coffee, tea and snacks are included.


Wear clothes that tolerate the fun of nature printing and bring your own collection of flowers and grasses.


2 hours


600,- DDK pr.pers.  (minimum 2 persons, maximum 5)

Group discount

  • (4 participants-20%) = 2000,-
  • (5 participants-30%) = 2400,-


EdithArt Atelier

Ovaragøta 48 kj.

188 Hoyvík